MCM Luggage

MCM, aka Mode Creation Munich, was big in the 80’s and has decided to make a triumphant return. Don’t get me wrong, the brand has been very much alive since it was bought-out some time ago after it had gone under due to the original creator snorting the company’s profits away, but 2012 seems to be the year that people have really begun to step out with pride carrying MCM. I will tell you this much… the craftsmanship of every piece is top quality, more so than many other popular couture brands within the same price range. This particular piece, a rolling suitcase built to perfection, is lined with suede, sprinkled with 24 Karat gold-plated hardware, and is equip with a section to hold everything a businessman could desire (pens, paper, etc). I wasn’t able to find this piece on the MCM website ( but maybe I just missed it. However you can purchase it through Handbags in the City, Baltimore MD, (410) 528-1443, for $2,350.00 (be sure to mention you spotted this on Seas & Reign!).

Check out some of the pictures I took for you guys:





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